Pride Quest Mobility Scooter



RRP: £2,520

Price For Sale at time of this post is £1599

A Light, Portable and Easy to Fold Scooter

The Pride® Quest Folding Scooter is perfect for the active user, great performance indoors and out at a maximum speed of 4mph.

The Quest provides a comfortable ride and a simple easy-fold system.

The Quest is portable and adjusts to fit perfectly inside any small space. The Quest is sleek, stylish and extremely easy to operate.
Available in Black or Red 

Looking for an easily foldable scooter that you can pop in the car or in a cupboard? The Pride Quest Mobility Scooter is the perfect option for anyone short on space or for those of us who love getting out and about. You can easily maintain a speed of around 4mph both indoors and out and also get the long range capabilities you need.

At just 3.6 stone plus a 3.4kg battery, this Pride Mobility Scooter is ideal for active users and its stylish good looks will certainly turn heads. The sleek design keeps the weight low making it a great all rounder for occasional use.

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